Location: 42139 SD Hwy 38 Alexandria, SD

So Much Fun!

Where Equestrians and their trusty steeds, rest their weary bones for the night

So Much Fun!

38 Special Horse Hotel was honored to host this family. I so enjoyed spending time with the littles while Mom and Dad put their treasured equine passenger to bed for the night. The family owns a transport company and were hauling a beautiful Arabian to it’s owner. Many miles for all, that’s for sure! The children were happy to hang out in the Luna Bin and relax, pick out a few hand painted kindness rocks and just chill for a while.

The transport company is Scenery Hill Equine Transport out of Eureka, MT. I was very impressed with their kindness, compassion and concern for their equine passenger. They truly go above and beyond for the equines and the families they serve! I’d give them a call if you are interested in their services!

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